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Online Marketing Buzz is a Digital Marketing Agency with a difference.
Everything we do is to help you make MORE SALES

Our Strategies

  • Super Accurate Target Research
  • Super Targeted Adverts
  • Split Tested Results (A/B)
  • Helpfull Client Content

Your Results

  • More Leads
  • More Sales
  • Repeat Customers
  • Massive Profits
… I think you get the idea!
 If you’re in business and want to leverage Online Marketing to boost your sales,
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Online Advertising

Online Advertising that is targeted to people who will buy from you!

Social media

Social Media aimed at building customers and repeat customers!

E-commerce solutions

Fast Affordable E-commerce Solutions that sell like hot cakes!

Email marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to market to existing customers and build new ones. If you are not doing it you should be!


Training to help you and your staff maximise your results and minimise your cost!

Consultancy Packages

Consultancy Packages to show you the way forward!

Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategies that build you following and years of Sales!


Website that convert sales
and work on
mobile phones!


More Customers,
Sales and
repeat Business!

In Case you have been living on Mars…

You may have noticed that Digital Advertising has become huge, I mean Massive, XXL Super Size.

Between Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, it pretty much means that wherever you look there’s an advert for something.

It’s the day when your customers and potential customers open their phones, or computers and find they cannot move for your competitors adverts that most businesses dread.

The bad news is one way or another that day is coming.

The good news is that its become affordable for your business to be the first to be on the scene and scoop up those clients.

The really good news is, we can even show you how to scoop up the clients and keep them engaged.

House on Mars

Let’s talk about your advertising strategy

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advertising strategy

Let’s talk about your advertising strategy

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“What the hell is twibook space?”

You might be a devoted user of all kinds of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Google+ personally. Or you might hate the very idea of participating in this never-ending ever-changing social game.

No matter what your personal relationships with social media it doesn’t change the fact that there are literally billions of people in all these networks that can be selected and targeted and connected and engaged with and advertised to in the most efficient way ever.

You might choose to ignore yourself but you owe it to your business to leverage all this incredible social power and make the best of your marketing investment. The problem is where to start – that’s where we come into picture!

So who is this Online Marketing Buzz of whom you speak?

We love when you make sales – that’s who we are!

Online Marketing Buzz is a group of Marketing Experts with some crazy and awesome backgrounds and experience – marketing professional, internet marketing lovers, social media advertisers, designers, coders, copywriters and sales drivers. In all we create a team that makes it a point to achieve one most important result for our clients – more customers and more sales.

WE get excited when YOUR sale takes place. That’s because we only believe in quantifiable results that prove that everything we learn on a daily basis about ever-changing industry of social media and online marketing works – for you and for us!

Our Aim is to help you achieve some serious results from your digital marketing strategy. Using our experience in Traditional Marketing, Social Media, Online Advertising, and Customer Acquisition, we work with you to get you out of this world results.

It doesn’t matter if you have an existing business or a hair brained scheme sketched on the back of a MacDonald’s napkin we love to work with good people and make a real and tangible difference to their business.


jamie mather

Me and my team will apply our knowladge of traditional marketing experience and modern digital marketing strategies to revolutionise your business

Jamie Mather, Founder, Online Marketing Buzz

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Some of our mostly happy clients

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Don’t take our word for it

A growing number of people Like our work, some of them even LOVE our work, maybe you could be one of them?

These guys know what they’re doing, always keeping up to date with the latest tricks in the industry and using them to get results for themselves and of course for their clients. Big respect and all the best, Online Marketing Buzz!

Prashant Patel

Daddy Marketing, Deep Origins LLC

I was amazed how many absolutely crucial modern marketing tricks I was missing in my overall strategy. The list of steps and improvements from Online Marketing Buzz was very long and comprehensive but actually possible to set up and get going really quickly. Big thank you for the eye-opening consultancy!

Steve Thurlow

Maatsuyker, Owner, CEO,

What I truly appreciated when working with Online Marketing Buzz is that they look deep into the specifics of your business and trying to find the most suitable and effective solutions, online advertising channels and customer engagement techniques.

Andrew Birch

Binary Consultants, CEO

Scarry Horror Fact of the Day! No. 27

Did you know that most of your customers look at your website from their mobile phones?
If you don’t have a mobile responsive website then you are
probably pushing 90% enquires to your competition!